WEEK 4: Super Yak and the Tech Trekkers

Super Yaks get smart

I wonder what we will invent this week? This week, our campers will turn into world-renowned inventors who will explore, build, learn and grow as they develop crazy new creations! Sometimes the best inventions happen through trial and error. We’re excited to work through our problems as a team and find solutions by try, try, trying again. This week we're putting our tech skills and inventor minds to work through hands-on projects, cooking experiments, and indoor and outdoor games, all while developing fantastic friendship skills with fellow inventors. We're exploring technology and developing ideas in the Super Yak inventor’s workshop. We can't wait to get our creative minds working and collaborating together!

To start the week off right, in honor of tech week, campers read A Box of Butterflies in Friendship class. It's a story about a robot who learns what different emotions feel like. Campers learned about a lot of different emotions and when they’ve experienced them. After the story, they got to color their own robots and talk about their different abilities!

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First Day!


What exactly is technology? Technology is the use of science and knowledge to solve problems or invent useful tools. This week in Projects we will be learning about the Engineering Process as we discover and create basic solutions to simple problems. We will be using magnets and wind to move objects and even create a machine to make objects fly!!! Campers will learn to think critically and think about how they can change the future!

Look at our cool magnets!

Go Blue, Yellow, and Red Teams!


Day 2! 

Campers went to all sorts of fun classes today. For the second day of Cooking, campers made robots out of rice crispy treats, yum! They also talked about the 3 rules that robots must follow. Number 1, they can not hurt humans. Number 2, they must follow commands given. Number 3, they must protect themselves from harm. Did you know these fun facts?

In day 2 of Discovery for Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Silver teams, campers did the first test run of their paddleboats. They watched them all swim and discussed ways to improve their design and build a boat that can swim faster or longer. This process is all about trial and error and learning from our mistakes. By the end of the week, we'll have thoroughly tested boats ready to hit the high seas. 

IMG_9914 (1).JPG



We can't believe it's already week 4 at Camp Yakety Yak! Time flies when you're having so much fun! This week in Play, the Yellow, Blue and Buddies team have been playing games that focus on following directions, good sportsmanship, and teamwork! Today campers got to be architects and design their own cardboard box structures and then knock them down after! In addition, this week we're also playing some crowd favorites like red light/green light, freeze tag, and bubble play! Week 4 has been a blast so far!

Day 3! 

This week in Chit Chat we are working on growth mindset.  We are learning how to cope with feeling upset about things we can’t do and working on focusing on what we can do. To tie into the week of technology, our project has been working on robots as we continue to grow in our collaboration skills in large and small groups. *Cue the robot dancing*


Robot Trail Mix in Cooking!


Is that the Empire State Building I see?

Day 4! 

Games is a space that was created for campers to have fun and participate actively both outdoors and indoors. Each day we have large movement or board games inside to help campers gain skills such as winning and losing appropriately, manage emotions when the game doesn’t go as planned, and getting someone's attention. Today we did board games! In week 4 we've been focusing on asking for assistance with a game by using cues such as “Help me” and “I’m not sure what to do.” On Monday we did a more active activity. We tossed hula hoops on to large cones that were spaced close to us and then got farther away to create more of a challenge. We took turns and cheered for the other members of our team!


What better way to end Cooking Class than with a game of BINGO with your friends?!


Time to line up speed racers!


Red, Yellow, and Blue teams made race tracks today in Projects class. How fun!


Wow! Look at all of our amazing campers. All our teams are present and looking GREAT! I mean look at those smiles. 

We had such a fantastic week 4. Thank you for joining us campers. We will see you next week for Super Yak and the Time Travelers!