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Aliens, Monsters, and Robots... UNITE! - Day 4

Buddies had another fun day at Camp! It was great that today was a little cooler!

Water play began today! With the help of the OT instructors we played in the water tables stations set up to off set the summer heat! Water is a great way to splash, play and practice social and communication skills while cooling off and having fun.

We went to cooking class today and learned how to make alien parfaits. Yum! Yum! Campers followed a recipe to make layers of vanilla yogurt, cookie crumbles, and sugar free jello. They then put a marshmallow at the end of a bendy straw for the eyes! After trying their yummy treat we talked about how this was a "sometimes" food. Buddies had a lot of fun learning to follow a recipe and trying new foods.

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