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Construction, Day 1


Today we followed our construction theme and talked about constructing our own games! It was fun to work in group and think about what the rules and the goals would be!

Yak Academy-

Today in class we built towers in teams. We wanted to make them as high as we could. We used Popsicle sticks and we got creative in their shapes. There were four teams and at the end we saw who made it the highest.

Chit Chat-

In our first day of class, we did some fun color mixing. We found that if we mix red and yellow, we get orange. Blue and yellow make green too! Then, we mixed all the colors together and made brown. We painted our hand and put our hand print on a friendship tree. There are a lot of qualities that make up a good friend (just like there are a lot of colors)! We want to mix all of those qualities together to be a great friend!! We also started our book for the week: Making Friends is an Art.

Cooking - Orange and Silver

Today cooking we made some special no-bake apple pies in a cup! We learned about the layers of the road when we built them. There was a lot of fun construction with smashing up different crackers and adding in cut apples and applesauce.

Discovery - Green

Today in discovery we started our fun two part construction project! Step one is deconstruction. We used tools to deconstruct some kind of device (an ipad, ereader, boombox, laptop, ect). It was fun to take things apart and discover how they look on the inside!

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