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Space Odyssey - Day 1

Mission Control, this is Ship Yakety-Yak, ready for departure. 5-4-3-2-1 BLASTOFF info the week! Stay tuned to see the rest of our adventures for the week!

- Captain Luna Stargazer


Today in games, we went through a neat obstacle course! There were a lot of different areas to climb through and we used our whole body to get some energy out. Only one camper could go at a time, so we practicing waiting our turn. Sometimes waiting is hard, but it can be a little easier if we are cheering on our friends.

Yak Academy

Do you know what a star chart is? We made them today in Yak Academy. We decorated them using caulk. There wasn’t enough for everyone to have every color, so we practiced sharing supplies. Then, we could share with the group!

Chit Chat

In friendship class, we started our new special book! This week, the book is “Personal Space Camp” by Julia Cook. Our teacher made us popcorn to eat while she read it to us. Popcorn and a book today!! She also made a sock puppet who helped read the story! We practiced listening and raising our hand to answer questions. We also continued to work on using words to share our thoughts and using our ears to listen.

Cooking - orange, silver

Today in cooking, we got to make pizza planets. Everyone had the chance to try some new foods: veggies on pizza and a base of gluten-free bread! Like always, we used our visual recipe to make our treat. We are practicing independence by trying to do as much of the recipe as we can on our own. Cooking starts with hand washing, and practicing kitchen safety.

Discovery - green

Today we started a two day project. We are making our own Star Wars podracers. We are did some folding and following directions.

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