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Orange & Green Team - Treasure Hunters, Day 5

Land ho!

Ship Yakety-Yak has dropped anchor 'n lowered th' sails. Wha' a fantastic voyage we've had! Fer th' next week o' camp ye will be joined by me good matey, Captain Luna Stargazer. Spaceship Yakety-Yak blasts into space on July 10th! 'ave a great adventure 'n keep seekin' treasures!

ye cap'n 'n matey,

Davy Jones


Yak Academy

Have you ever been on a scavenger hunt? We have! We went on one today! The class instructor gave us a list of items that could be found around camp. We worked together to find every item on our list including acorns, pine cones, ferns, insects, and animal tracks! It was nice to explore nature and talk with our friends.



Today we did an activity with our social filter (think/say) bubbles. We listened to short stories then decided whether it was something we should think or say. Our favorite part of class was walking the plank! We crawled along the plank then selected a challenge card from the deck. The challenge was to decide if a sentence was something you should think or say. The instructor made a huge paper ship with two flags. The "think" statements were pinned to the green flag and the "say" cards were pinned to the blue flag. We could ask our teammates for help if we were unsure of the answer.



The orange and green teams combined their classes to play games to today. Everyone loved a game called blobby. The blob starts with one person being "it." They grow their blob by tagging other campers. As the blob, we worked together to tag as many people as we could. It was a very fun way to grow our team work and communication skills! Laughing a lot was icing on the cake!



A pirate came to camp today! His name is Captain Rick! He sang songs and trained us to be a pirate like him! We learned to swab the deck, stand at attention, dodge canon balls, and scare away an octopus! Captain Rick was very silly! We laughed and laughed when he sprayed us with water!

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