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Welcome Camp Yakety Yak families!

Since we can’t host camp in person this summer, we are bringing camp activities to you! 

Campers, we hope that you will see some of your favorite classic activities from camp, and that family members will get to do them with you at home!


To get started, print out your very own SuperYak's Adventures at Home Journal, and check out the links to the right to learn more about how to participate in SuperYak's Adventures at Home!

Keep an eye out for each activity that SuperYak will post every Thursday in August!

August 10, 2018

Can you believe that today is the last day of camp?? We definitely can’t!

Today we went about our day as usual - buddies went for their morning walk with new friends and chatted about all the fun things they discovered! Spiders and leaves are the two most popular topics...

August 9, 2018

Ciao, Yak Travelers! Today Buddies campers got to learn about Italy. Did you know Italy is close to the size of Arizona? The campers thought that was interesting. Campers talked about Venice and how there are no roads. Instead, people travel in boats. They thought it w...

August 8, 2018

What a wonderfully warm Wednesday!  We had a fun morning meeting with Miss Sara and Miss Haley before we headed to Play class.  Miss Elise helped us move our bodies with a game of toss the bean bag and snowballs into the basket!  If we didn’t make a basket, we learned...

August 7, 2018

It’s so hard to believe that we are already day 2 in week 5!  We started our Terrific Tuesday with a daily nature walk and morning meeting. In Play class, Miss Elise got us all warmed up with a “roll the dice” activity where we practiced jumping, crawling and crab walk...

August 6, 2018

In PLAY class, we completed an awesome obstacle course that made us practice our gross and fine motor skills. We climbed through tunnels, jumped in hula hoops, and teetered on a teeter board! We also practiced being patient and waiting our turn. When our bodies got exc...

August 3, 2018

We had so much fun in buddies today! Our buddies instructors were dressed up as SUPERHEROES complete with capes and masks!

Today in cooking we made superhero shields out of toast. We cut toast into the shape of a shield. Then they put on butter and cinnamon and sugar. T...

August 2, 2018

A Superhero announcement from the Buddies Campers!

I t was day three for Camp Yakety Yak's Buddies campers. We continued on with our superhero theme of the week and created  our very own superhero capes! In cooking we celebrated our inner Superhero! To help make our bod...

August 1, 2018

It was another awesome day in Buddies today! We are still focusing on our theme of superheroes and talking about taking risks, being courageous and trying new things! We had a fun day with art and water play today. We also had discovery class, where we made superhero p...

July 31, 2018

SuperYaks to the rescue! A superhero announcement from Camp Yakety Yak!

This week we focused on being courageous and not afraid to take risks. We were introduced SuperYak, Camp Yakety Yak's superhero mascot! He might be large and shaggy with horns, but he uses his power...

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