YakCare Extended Childcare Program 


Add YakCare services when completing the online registration for your child.

Add YakCare services when completing the online camp registration for your child.

YakCare Policies

What is YakCare and what do kids do during this time?

To support working parents, we offer childcare/babysitting services before and after camp if our typical camp hours are not convenient for you. In the YakCare program, children participate in supervised games, trips to the playground and calming activities such as Legos, arts and crafts, videos and iPad play. This is not therapeutic, but only supervised recreational activity similar to what a babysitter or YMCA after school programs would provide. See Staff to Camper Ratio below for more details about staffing.


YakCare Hours

8:00am-10am for AM care and 3:00-5:00pm for PM Care


YakCare Ages

We serve camp participants ages 5-15 in YakCare who are registered as a special needs camper, neurotypical camper, in the Buddies Program and Junior Camp Counselor program.


How Do I Register for Yak Care?

Register for this program when completing online registration for your child for camp. Parents will need to add it to each week as an add-on feature. Parents can choose for their child to participate in AM or PM Care or both AM & PM, See capacity limits below.


YakCare Staffing & Staff to Camper Ratio

The camp hires 2-3 adults dedicated to managing the Yak Care program and supervise ten friendly teen volunteers who play with the children. The adults check YakCare participants in and out, answer parent questions and help keep track of items that come from home and back, as well as design interactive stations for YakCare participants.The staff to camper ratio during YakCare is 1 staff to every 3 campers. This is less support than during regular camp hours where we provide a 1:1 ratio, so campers enrolled in YakCare need to be independent at staying with the group and consistent display of safe and compliant behaviors.


YakCare Capacity

The cap on the number of children with special needs who can participate in YakCare is 15 for either the AM or PM session.


Where is the drop-off and pick-up site for YakCare participants?

The Yak Care registration table is located in the gym right inside the gym doors.


What are the rest of the staff doing during YakCare hours?

During the hours of YakCare the rest of staff are conducting their internship and clinical practicum coursework as well as strategizing with camper teams and supervisors about curriculum and individual supports for the next day. The Professional Faculty and Directors are not able to manage behavior or needs during this time, so again, the need for campers to possess independent play and safe behaviors is a requirement for participating in YakCare.


What does my child bring to YakCare?

Parents are asked to send an additional snack for their child to eat during AM and/or PM care. They get hungry!


Who is not a good candidate for YakCare?

Campers who are not independent at staying with the group and consistently display safe and compliant behaviors are not a good fit for our childcare/babysitting service.


If YakCare is not a good fit for my child after camp starts, can I get a refund?


Yes, parents receive a prorated refund of any unused YakCare fees if children are no longer participating in the program due to fit.

Indoor and outdoor recreation are the focus of YakCare!

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